Bug Diaries — Lighthouse’s first show to air to the world.
Based on the books by Doreen Cronin, it is an upbeat and joyful exploration into the wonderful world of 3 bug buddies.

Imagine hopping a ride on a furry dog or dodging raindrops bigger than your house! Using their unique insect abilities, our tiny heroes find ways to help themselves and others out of sticky situations and record their stories in their bug diaries!

Bug Diaries was produced in partnership with Amazon Studios and is one of a number of flagship productions we have coming out in the next 12 months.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie — We are also busy working with our parent company Mercury to complete Layout to Locked Picture on Season 2 of the Emmy nominated series.

Give a Mouse a Cookie Season 2 will be coming
to Amazon Prime in June 2019.


We read Tor Freeman’s book ‘Showtime for Billie and Coco’ and knew it would make an amazing animated series, so we bought the rights and developed, ‘SHOWTIME’.  Set in a School of Performing Arts with characters as diverse as a ‘classical sheep to a stunt monkey!’ we chart a gripping series-wide story arc that moves across three seasons. Watch this space … SHOWTIME is going to be BIG!


other work that we can’t name


Includes development for a show based on an illustrated novel, production on a selection of 2D segments of a 3D movie and most excitingly starting work on a theatrical feature of a well known US property. It’s getting quite busy. That makes us happy.