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04/03/20 • Animation Insights

Animation in Ireland

An Overview of the Recent Report From Screen Skills Ireland And What To Expect From The Industry

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13/12/19 • Life in Kilkenny

Kilkenny Animated Festival

Lighthouse was delighted to be a part of this year's Kilkenny Animated Festival which brought some of the finest animation talent in the world to Kilkenny for one weekend in October.

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16/08/19 • News & Happenings

Open Day July 2019

Over 400 people visit Lighthouse and Cartoon Saloon on 20th July. An inspirational and informative day was had by all.

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22/05/19 • Animation Insights

David Moorhead on ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse’

David Moorhead spills the beans on lighting and camera for the amazing latest Spider-Man movie

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30/05/19 • Animation Insights

Lighthouse Director’s Course

To be a director you need to know each stage of the animation process, from the rough draft of the script right through to the final mix.

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29/05/19 • Life in Kilkenny

Lighthouse Film Club: What Is Animation?

Documentaries on animation/animators from around the world. Hosted by Matias Poggini. Sundays at 17:00 @ Lighthouse's Crew Room.

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22/05/19 • News & Happenings

Bug Diaries: Making Of Video

Lighthouse’s first show to air to the world Bug Diaries was released last week on Amazon Prime. Watch the short making of film and hear from writer and illustrator how they reacted to the result. We are rather chuffed they like it so much.

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