Here at Lighthouse no-one is left in the dark. Find out what we are getting up to in our News & Happenings  section. We also think it’s important to illuminate some of the issues and goings-on within the animation industry. You can read more in our Animation Insights section. And if you’re just wondering what living in Kilkenny is like, then you’ve come to the right place! We shine a light on everything local in our Life in Kilkenny section.

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20/10/20 • News & Happenings

Animating in Toon Boom – Course Announcement!

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14/10/20 • News & Happenings

Q3 Update from Lighthouse

All the latest happenings and goings on within our studio…

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29/09/20 • Animation Insights

5 of the Best ‘Art of’ Books that Money can Buy

According to our crew…

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09/09/20 • News & Happenings

Call for Expressions of Interest!

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02/09/20 • News & Happenings

Cake, Glorious Cake!

We might not have been able to have our Summer picnic in August, but at least th…

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25/08/20 • Animation Insights

Where Can I Study Animation in Ireland?

Featuring feedback from some of our crew!…

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21/07/20 • News & Happenings

News From Q2 2020!

A quick round-up of some of the highlights from Q2 at Lighthouse…

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14/07/20 • Life in Kilkenny

The Things About Kilkenny We’ve Missed During Lockdown

It’s been a long few months!…

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24/06/20 • Animation Insights

5 of the Best Animations for Adult Audiences

If you thought animation was just for kids, it's time to think again…

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03/06/20 • News & Happenings

Annecy to Welcome Cuphead and Mugman!

Annecy has casually slotted The Cuphead Show into its online festival programme,…

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26/05/20 • News & Happenings

The Return Of The Lighthouse Keepers

Rolling out remote working in the space of a weekend for our crew members was no…

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12/05/20 • Animation Insights

What Does Covid-19 Mean For Animation?

Three Signs The Industry Will Survive The Pandemic…

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06/05/20 • Life in Kilkenny

The Best Walking Trails In Kilkenny City According To Our Crew

...and all within a 5km radius!…

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29/04/20 • Life in Kilkenny

Keeping Spirits Up During Covid19

Our animation studio is known for its strong sense of team spirit among its crew…

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04/03/20 • Animation Insights

Animation in Ireland

An Overview of the Recent Report From Screen Skills Ireland And What To Expect F…

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16/09/20 • News & Happenings

Moving to Ireland?

Here are some things you should know…

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