Recruitment FAQs

How to find your dream career at Lighthouse Studios

Some of our Rick and Morty team outside our studio

How do I apply for a position at Lighthouse Studios?
Click on the vacancy that interests you and read through the requirements before applying. If you match the requirements, upload your CV/portfolio/reel along with a cover letter.








Are there any internships or apprenticeships available now or in the future?
Yes! We strongly believe in helping the animation industry in Ireland grow, and there are few better ways than offering internships for current students looking to get some real-world experience. We continually run internships in production time. Applications will be open on the Careers page when there are spaces available. If there are none open, please keep an eye on the webpage and our social media outlets for any updates as these will be the only sources for information on internships.








A meeting of our Book Keepers Club in the Lighthouse Library

Do you take Secondary School students for work experience?
We have a Transition Year programme in place for secondary school (high school) students in Ireland. If you are in Transition Year and interested in our TY programme, please email Harry at [email protected] – Harry is our Learning and Development Specialist at our studio.

Is there an option to Freelance?
No, all our roles are based in our studio in Kilkenny, Ireland and this is for many reasons, including collaboration within the studio among fellow crew members.

Gristle the dog seems pretty happy about the report!

What makes a solid portfolio or reel stand out and what format should I use for my reel/portfolio?

  • For artistic roles – select your work carefully. Don’t just throw all your work into the portfolio. Select pieces which indicate your best talent and energy.
  • Match the work on your portfolio to the role, for example, if the role is for a rigging artist, put that work up-front.
  • Your reel should be 1-2-minutes long, featuring several short clips that represent your best work.
  • It is important to show any shot breakdowns or processes you used, such as rigging, composites or design work.
  • Ensure your portfolio works on a variety of screen sizes, devices, and browsers. If you’ve made it on a desktop, check it still looks good on other devices and operating systems too.
  • Where required showcase turnarounds / how you can draw lined and unlined backgrounds / how you use tones to create depth / showcase your sense of color / outline if you are a flat color or painterly/textured artist / for storyboard, include just one line of description of the story, use click through boards.
  • Do always add your password if applicable – do not make us ask for it!
  • Production, coordination, and administrative roles may not require a visual portfolio, but you can still include examples of the animation you have worked on, with explanations of your involvement. You are still required to understand the animation process.

Keep an eye on our Careers page, and you too could work at our BAFTA-winning studio!

I don’t see any positions posted, what should I do?
Job vacancies are posted as the needs arise, therefore, keep an eye on our website, and check back often!

Final comments – we offer reasonable accommodations through the recruitment process to give you the opportunity to perform to your best. During the application process, any information that you provide will be used for the purposes of providing relevant support and will have no bearing on how your application will be viewed.