Lighthouse Studios is a 2D animation studio located in the beautiful medieval city of Kilkenny, Ireland.  Our job is to create story driven animated entertainment for both adults and kids. Being based in the stunning building that is Kieran’s College makes it easier for us to work hard on producing the highest quality possible in everything we do.

A picture of Kieran's College, home to Lighthouse Studios

  Our culture is one of diversity, transparency, pride and passion. Though we are young, we have already made leaps and bounds in the animation industry. Our crew is to thank for that. Take a look at what we get up to, both inside and outside the studio, in the Spotlight section. Want to work with us? Then check out our Careers page. 

A picture of Lighthouse Studios' crew taking photos of a sunset.

Lighthouse is the fastgrowing child of two famous parents, Mercury Filmworks in Canada and fellow Kilkenny studio Cartoon Saloon. They are a constant source of inspiration to us and we take great pride in our creative heritage.  

We also get to work with some of the world’s very best production companies, including Amazon, Cinesite and Netflix.