The Cuphead Show! was brought to life here at Lighthouse Studios where we handled the animation from layout to locked picture for our partners at Netflix.

The Cuphead Show is a love letter to the animation medium…plenty of laughs, memorable characters, and great visuals.” –

The Cuphead Show! follows the adventures of the mischievous Cuphead, voiced by Tru Valentino, and his cautious brother Mugman, voiced by Frank Todaro.

The ability to use these techniques from the past while combining them with modern day animation tools, which in turn led to this 1930s flair that is seen all throughout The Cuphead Show!, was continually astounding.”

“The Cuphead Show! feels like Cuphead reaching his perfect form”The Guardian

“The Cuphead Show’ does a great job utilizing the retro-cartoon aesthetic seen in the game it’s based on. The color scheme, character designs, and backgrounds are all on point and look like they belong in an old animated short from the early days of animation.” – Hollywood Insider

In 2022, The Cuphead Show! won the following awards:

Children’s & Family Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation (Ivan Aguirre).

n 2023, The Cuphead Show! won the following awards:

Annie for Best Music TV/Media (Ego Plum, Cosmo Segurson, Dave Wasson)

Irish Animation Award for Best Animation Sequence

Irish Animation Award for Kid’s Choice (6+)