El Deafo was produced by Lighthouse for Apple TV+ with our head creative, Gilly Fogg, as director.

El Deafo was an incredible young adult literary achievement, and director Gilly Fogg and writer Will McRobb do everything they can to preserve Bell’s POV… El Deafo is simply wonderful” – Blu-Ray.com

In the book and the series, Cece not only has to adapt to a sudden hearing loss, she also has to go to school and make new friends – all while wearing her ‘Phonic Ear’ hearing aid on her chest.

But what’s the most fascinating part of the story, written by Bell and Will McRobb and directed by Gilly Fogg, is Cece’s desire to just be liked for who she is.” – Decider.com

Working closely with our partners at Apple TV+ and author Cece Bell, we produced everything from concept artwork through to final picture.


One affecting moment from the memoir, in which the author discusses attending a school for Deaf children, shows the girl and her classmates in outer space, and it works especially well as dreamlike animation.” – Kirkus Reviews


The series has received wide praise and appeals to adults and children alike. Now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+


Sweet, funny, poignant and definitely not just for kids.” – The Guardian



In 2022, El Deafo won the following awards. 

BAFTA: Content for Change

Humanitas Prize: Children’s Teleplay

Prix Jeunesse: The Power of Sound Theme Prize


El Deafo was also nominated for a Children’s & Family Emmy in the Special Class Animated Program category.