03/06/20 • News & Happenings

Annecy to welcome Cuphead and Mugman!

Annecy has casually slotted The Cuphead Show into its online festival programme, sending the Twittersphere into a frenzy.

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Originally launched as a video game by Studio MDHR, Cuphead quickly gained a cult following for its retro style of 30’s style animation, and notoriety for difficult gameplay. Since then, its appeal has seen the game go triple-platinum less than a year after its release, with a sequel ‘Delicious Last Course’ scheduled for later this year.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the stunning visuals of Cuphead adapted for television, and in 2019 we were delighted to announce that we would be working on The Cuphead Show with our production partners over at Netflix. Over the last year we have been steadily re-creating the world of the Inkwell Isles, and putting Cuphead and his long suffering brother Mugman through their paces!

We had hoped to be attending the Annecy festival in June this year, however after it was cancelled due to Covid-19 organisers announced an online festival in its place. The Cuphead Show is now set to feature in the festival’s Work in Progress segment – and we can’t wait to hear how it is received by fans all around the world.

If the initial reaction on Twitter is anything to go by, fans are going to dig it!

Annecy online takes place between 15th-30th June. Accreditation coming soon. Check in for the latest news here.


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