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Animating in Toon Boom – course announcement!

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Lighthouse Studios is partnering with Animation Skillnet and Adam’s Animation Academy to bring you this FREE two-week remote training opportunity – and we’re very excited!

The course will utilise a blend of six live streaming sessions combined with one to one support via video call or email. The contents of the course are as follows:

The interface and file structure
Drawing tools and substitutions
Animating with pegs
Using deformers
The basics of the node view and rigging methodology
How to navigate a rig hierarchy
Z depth and scene set-up basics
Blocking and inbetweening shots
Importing and exporting to the library
Walk cycles and head turns
Lip sync and sound
Full character performance
Export settings and good studio practice

The participants will learn how to animate confidently in the software, and how to be an organised creative, avoiding bad practices! By the end of the course, they will have had the opportunity to animate several test pieces including lip sync, character performance and a walk cycle.

You can find further information here – scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the signup page.

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